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You can sign up for free news updates that will automatically be emailed to you. To activate the Pleasanton Express News Updates, simply enter your email address in a small form available at the top of every page (see accompanying screenshot). Within seconds of the Express’ weekly web publication, you will receive an email that contains the top story and associated picture from each section of the online newspaper and links to the full online edition. If there is a breaking news story a day other than Wednesday, when we update the story online you will receive a “Breaking News” update email. Also you can easily remove your name from the News Updates list at any time.

Set your dial

Miss a game last week? We gotcha covered. You can check out highlights from local games on our YouTube Channel. Search “ThePE1909” on YouTube. Over the past year we have uploaded over 70 local videos to view from baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball and news updates. Videos are added often so make sure to subscribe to our channel so you can stay up to date with your team and local news.

Win Strawberry Festival Tickets

The Poteet Strawberry Festival is around the corner. The festivities will be April 12 through 14, but we are starting early. Enter your photos of you and yours enjoying Poteet strawberry goodness for a chance to win Poteet Strawberry Festival tickets. Whether it’s a pic of your dog sneakin’ some berries or a grand dessert made with fresh Poteet strawberries, we want to see them. Email them to The photos will be added to an album named “Berry Picks” on our Facebook page. Share and like the photos to help your favorite one win. Anyone can vote.

Berry Fun Instagram Contest

When everything is boomin’ at Strawberry Festival we will be holding a Poteet Strawberry Festival Instagram contest. It is open to all who attend the 2013 Poteet Strawberry Festival. Capture the family, friends, food, festivities, anything to show your love for the festival. To enter follow us, PE1909, on Instagram and don’t forget to tag your entry photo with #strawfest13. Your account must be public so that we are able to view it. More details to come next week.

Sports Snaps

Help spread the “Sports Love” throughout our social media outlets. If you happen to be at a Jourdanton, Pleasanton, Charlotte or Poteet game and have a smartphone on you, why not send us a pic. You can post it to our Facebook page or Tweet us @PE1909. We love seeing your view of our local athletes.

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