Fountains at Bonita Creek luxury apartments coming to Pleasanton at Oaklawn and Winship

“Fountains at Bonita Creek”, designs by Gregory Davis, AIA, Principal Architect at Abell, Crozier and Davis.

“Fountains at Bonita Creek”, designs by Gregory Davis, AIA, Principal Architect at Abell, Crozier and Davis.

Ground work and land preparation is being done now. Soon, local developer, Greg DiCaro, will break ground for construction of a new, modern apartment complex. Site of the apartments, to be known as Fountains at Bonita Creek, is on the northeast corner of Oaklawn and Winship in Pleasanton.

I asked DiCaro to describe what he’s bringing to Pleasanton and the timeline for his project.

“We’ve been blessed because of the Eagle Ford shale. I’m developing a 230-unit complex that we’re putting into two phases. Phase 1 consists of 108 units and the balance is in phase 2,” said DiCaro.”

First phase of the luxury apartment complex will be ready for occupancy in about nine months.

DiCaro continued, “I have my design team here that has been a pleasure working with. They’ve been blessed with good decisions and they’ve done a great job on their drawings. This is being built on a piece of property that’s pretty difficult to work with. It’s been in a flood plain.

“Walt (Rakowitz Engineering & Surveying) has done a good job bringing it out of the flood plain. Through some studies, we’re building an A plus facility. It’s going to be a good project and is needed here, for sure, as there’s a shortage of housing.”

I asked about the drainage and Rakowitz said, “It’s better to get your water out of there. That’s where we’ll have proper drainage to the Bonita Creek adjacent to the property. We had to devise a solution that created a zero flood rise with no impact.”

Gregory Davis, principal architect said, “Regarding the project, when Greg (DiCaro) came to me, he said he really wanted to do something for the city that makes a statement that says ‘we’ve come a long way’.

“He wanted to create an environment that has apartments that are as good as the apartments that you see in other major cities around this area

“When we talked about that, we talked about classes of apartments. You have different levels. He really emphasized that he wanted to do a type of project that really made a statement that says ‘this is something special’ and wanted to give that to the city, here.”

Davis continued, “I thought that was really a great way to approach a project. We looked at the materials, trying to really emphasize local colors and local materials. We’re wanting to make a development that creates an image from the road that says ‘this is home, this is the place to go’.

“So, in doing that, we had discussions many times about the water features and the name of the units – about, ‘how can we make it something special for Pleasanton and the Bonita Creek idea came through – so it became ‘The Fountains at Bonita Creek’.

“It really captures that whole concept. Water movement and the feeling of softness and the natural enviornment that we have around here.”

I asked Davis if the same name, Fountains at Bonita Creek, would be used in the second phase. He said, “It’ll have the same name and have the same concept of materials and character.”

I asked when the first phase of construction of apartments would begin at Fountains at Bonita Creek and Davis replied, “We’re hoping to break ground, probably, the third week in November and are looking at nine months for completion of the first phase of Fountains at Bonita Creek.”

Justin Sherwood of Open Air Studios, San Antonio, who’ll be doing important landscape designing at the project commented, “Water is precious here like everywhere else in the state right now, so when it comes to landscape, we want to create areas that are not only open but inviting. We’ll be developing a landscape where there’ll be plants and shrubs blooming in the spring and the fall as well, looking attractive all the time. Our landscape design will be adapted to this region and won’t be consuming a lot of water.”

It’s clear that Sherwood has plans for a beautiful scene, landscape-wise, at Fountains at Bonita Creek.

Walt Rakowitz, Engineer and Surveyor for the project said, “It’s nice to see the quality of design in this project. It’s good to see projects coming along that are built right.

Rakowitz mentioned that the apartments will be built to the standards of quality you would see in high-quality projects on the north side of San Antonio.

Rakowitz said, “Quality building, quality construction, open space, green space, walking space, parks, trails…a lot of these additional features are in the design.”

Davis said, “All of the apartment area will be gated and secure. And that’s really the key here… security and making sure that everybody feels safe. The area that won’t be gated is the entrance where you will be able to come into the clubhouse and where there will be visitors’ parking…that’s on the public side.

“There will be a very, very nice clubhouse facility that’s going to have a weight room, a residents’ room where there will be a small library and you can sit down and read or you can watch what’s going on out in the pool-courtyard area.

“The exercise room is right adjacent to that area where one will be able see out from there into the amenities of the property. There’s a nice walking area and several spots on the property where you can have a family barbecue… and also mingle with the rest of the people in the community.

“Really, it’s a fine thing, bringing people together, especially with some of the people who will be living there.”

Rakowitz added, “In the oil field sector, with production of these Eagle Ford wells going forward, there are more people moving to this area with a twenty to forty year plan. They want to bring their families.”

Fountains at Bonita Creek design team, from left, Greg DiCaro, developer; Walt Rakowitz, engineer-surveyor; Gregory Davis, principal architect and Justin Sherwood, landscape architect.

Fountains at Bonita Creek design team, from left, Greg DiCaro, developer; Walt Rakowitz, engineer-surveyor; Gregory Davis, principal architect and Justin Sherwood, landscape architect.

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