Former Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce employee booked on theft

Mystle Crossland Williams, Pleasanton, was booked into the Atascosa County Jail on September 3rd on charges for theft over $500.

According to Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez, the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce filed a report on Mystle Williams, July 10, 2013. The report concerned unauthorized charges made with the Chamber’s credit card. According to Sanchez, “the unauthorized charges were discovered by their accountant who was preparing their taxes.” Sanchez also states that the Chamber of Commerce did their own internal investigation. The Chamber discovered that eight different charges were made from March to August 2012. The total amount of unauthorized charges was $587.03.

Williams was released September 4th on $8000 bail. Williams served as Chamber Executive Manager for the Chamber of Commerce from 2011-2012. While working for the Chamber, she was responsible for the day to day duties of managing the office functions. She was also involved in overseeing numerous committees including the Cowboy Homecoming Parade, Little Mr. & Miss Cowboy Homecoming and the Lil Darling Contest. She is also a former Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming Queen (2008- 2009) and Teenager of the Year (2009).

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