Foreign Exchange students recognized

Jourdanton ISD held their regular meeting on Monday, April 8. After the invocation was given by Mary Ramirez, Jourdanton Elementary student Hixon Wiatrek led the pledges.

Audra Locke introduced three foreign exchange students who are here through different Federal scholarships. She explained that the CDYX Program is for those from Germany. The Flex Program serves former Soviet countries, aimed to build strong relationships and out of 40,000 applicants, only 95 are accepted. Finally, the Yes Program was begun after 9-11 and concentrates on students from mostly Muslim countries.

Aseel Abu Rumi from Israel/Palestine is participating in the KLYES Program and is a JV Girls’ Doubles District Champ in Tennis and fifth place in Number Sense. She said that she is enjoying the American culture and learning how we live, as well as American sports and classes that they don’t have in her country. She has completed 60 plus hours of community service, with an additional 18 presentations about her country. She is being hosted by Stephanie and Charles Durham.

Nurai Ganieva is from Kazakhstan, which is in Central Asia, and is here on the FLEX Schoalrship Program. She participates in cheerleading and is the JV Mixed Doubles District Runner-up in Tennis. Nurai has done over 100 hours of community service. In that vein, she has given 12 country presentations to organizations, as well as various school classes. She is also the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) recipient. Her host parents are Renee Pacheco and Lasaro Aguero

Lea Karren, from France, is the Varsity Girls District Champion in Tennis and also enjoys being a JV volleyball and basketball participant. She hopes to go on to attend Texas A & M in the future. Her host parents are Michele and Keith Higginbotham.

Locke added that as a requirement for the scholarships, each student is required to do at least 50 hours of community service, complete three service projects and give a minimum of five presentations about their country.

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