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Jane Griego and Sammy Mejia proudly show their voter cards as they go to vote.

Jane Griego and Sammy Mejia proudly show their voter cards as they go to vote.

The brisk turnout of early voters made a difference in the elections held on Saturday, May 12 for the City of Pleasanton, City of Poteet and Poteet ISD.

These returns are unofficial until they have been canvassed.

City of Pleasanton

The two initiatives on the ballot brought out 1,159 voters.

Over 61 percent (705) voted in favor of Initiative #1 (A resolution adopting the previously approved plans for the Community Center/Library), with 450 voting against.

Initiative #2 (an ordinance to close a small portion of Main Street directly in front of the Community Center/Library) received 628 votes (54.2 percent) for, 531 against.

In District 1 the incumbent Councilmember Jimmy Magel received 122 votes. His opponent Gloria Jenks got 79.

Incumbent Abraham Saenz in District 2 won his seat by a narrow margin of 5 with 96 votes. Lonnie Gaither, his opponent, received 91.

Gaither has filed a petition for a recount. Details were not available at press time.

In District 3, Kathy Coronado was unopposed but received 278 votes.

Using new voting machines helped the counting process with nary a problem, according to City Secretary Cindy Urrabazo.

Poteet ISD

A $23.5 million bond was passed with a vote of 697 for and 230 against in the Poteet ISD election. The bond will be used to build a new football stadium, renovate the elementary, expand and resurface parking lots and expand their cafeteria .

The election also saw three trustees lose their seats. Place 3 trustee Bonnie Horn Guerra received 418 votes to Henry S. Ortiz’ 540. Place 4 incumbent Jarrett Akers (413 votes) lost to Steven Estrada (561 votes). In Place 5, Ronald Sanchez (471 votes) lost to Conrad Stephen Estrada (499).

City of Poteet

The election for the City of Poteet also had a larger turnout with 1,543 voters. Incumbent councilmember Raymond Leal (239) in Place 1 lost by 32 votes to Gregory Groesbeck (271). In Place 2, Gerard Herrera (268) kept his place to opponent Ernest Santos Jr. (241). Sonny Estrada (375) won over Mary Beth Topp (149) in Place 3.


Special Election

    Voter Initiative #1 ( Plans)
v   For 705
Against     450


    Voter Initiative #2 (Street)
v   For 628
Against     531


  Councilmember   District 1
v Jimmy   Magel (i) 122


Gloria Uribe Jenks 79


  Councilmember   District 2
v Abraham Saenz (i) 96
Lonnie   Gaither 91
Councilmember     District 3
v Kathy Coronado 278


POTEET City of Poteet

Councilmember Place 1

    Raymond Leal (i) 239
v   Gregory Groesbeck 271
Councilmember   Place 2
v   Gerard Herrera (i) 268
Ernest   Santos Jr. 241
Councilmember   Place 3
v   Sonny Estrada 375
Mary   Beth Topp 149


Poteet ISD

  Bond Election
For   697
Against   230


  Trustee Place 3
Bonnie   Horn Guerra (i) 418
v   Henry S. Ortiz   540
Trustee   Place 4
Jarrett   Akers (i) 413
v   Steven Estrada 561
Trustee   Place 5
Ronald     Sanchez (i) 471
v   Conrad S. Estrada 499


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