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For the love of mom

This Sunday, May 13 marks the day to honor mothers.

If you still have your mom, consider yourself quite lucky.

Though mine has been gone now for 13 years, there are still days that I want to pick up the phone and call her. Sometimes, I find myself driving in her old neighborhood, longing to see her car in her garage.

After she died, I rarely had dreams about her and I was disappointed. But as the years passed, I started having them. Some are very vivid, some – very weird and abstract.

I know if she were still among us, she would be so happy to see how her family continues to grow. My niece and her husband just had twins and my other niece and hubby are due in August. My mom loved her grandchildren. With each new baby, she would look at them and tell them that she was their new best friend. And she was. I think every grandchild thought they were her favorite. She made you feel that way.

I ran across this quote by Dan Rather and I think it is appropriate for all families – “The great lesson my mother and father gave me was almost invisible. It was a strong sense of being rooted.”

This is great on so many levels. We all want to feel like we belong. Most parents do that. That sense of “we are here, together” feeling.

Then we can take it to another tier. Teachers can also help students feel rooted, clergy help their congregation to feel that connection, friends make us feel comfortable to expose our innermost thoughts. These traits, I feel, we learn from that first person who wanted us to know how much we were loved – our mothers.

The way I see it, happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, the dads who pull double duty and those who may be mothers to another generation. Enjoy!

SUE BROWN  is the editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at or write at P.O. Drawer 880, Pleasanton, TX 78064.

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