Football still reigns



For roughly 90 percent of Texas, it’s basketball season now. Most everyone’s football season is over.

But no matter what, football still reigns supreme in the Lone Star State. The Pleasanton Eagles are ranked 16th in the state and the Lady Eagles are ranked 17th according to the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches. MaxPreps even has the Eagles ranked first in Class 4A based on their mathematical formulas used to determine rankings.

The McMullen County Cowgirls broke into the TABC’s top 25 on Monday, too.

You know what the focus was for most schools on Tuesday? Realignment.

The University Interscholastic League released the official conference cutoff numbers on Tuesday for their Feb. 3 realignment.

The cutoff numbers of 2,220 students for Class 6A, 1,210 for 5A, 515 for 4A, 230 for 3A, 105 for 2A and anything below 105 for 1A, are critical in determining the new districts for the biennial realignment this February.

With the announcement of the cutoff numbers came the cutoffs for Divisions I and II for Classes 5A on down in football. That’s where the focus was.

But it makes sense that the focus was there. Yeah, Texans inject football in their veins like a morphine drip, yet it’s not purely an addiction — scheduling is tough for football.

Teams essentially go in to each realignment blind. There’s no way to effectively guess where the UIL will put you in February. But, you can educate yourself.

All of the 1,239 schools that play football in Texas have their enrollment numbers listed in the UIL’s press release today.

So, teams like Jourdanton, who’s losing Karnes City in their current district, and Poteet, who is officially dropping to Class 3A, can see which teams could go where and have an idea of who will be in their district and make scheduling plans accordingly.

But the plans don’t always go the way you want.

A few years ago, it was thought Jourdanton and Poteet would be in the same district. It didn’t work out that way at the beginning of February and plans went kaput.

So, even though basketball is in full swing, football still reigns supreme in Texas.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for an informative piece laying out the possibilities of realignment. We will lay out who could go where from Atascosa County, possible shock moves, and more.

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