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James 1:4 – But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Such incredible words of wisdom. Just as relevant now as they were at the time that they were written. How many times in life do we look back and wish that we had exhibited more patience? If we only hadn’t over reacted then, or if we had just kept a little more calm. No doubt, there are many instances in each of our lives that we can pull example from. But what does James tell us here. The old phrase, “Practice makes perfect” comes to mind.

While attending college several years ago at Freed Hardeman, our baseball coach would start every practice with the same quote. He would look at us and say, “Listen up guys. Work hard and find some way to improve today. At the end of practice, when you walk off the field to go back to the locker room, make sure you are a better ball player than you were when you stepped on”. He understood the meaning of practice. He understood the importance of testing our abilities and learning from our strengths as well as weaknesses. He understood that if we wanted to improve we would have to work hard and dedicate ourselves to bettering ourselves.

When situations arise and we find our patience tested, take the time to practice patience. Take the time to look to God and understand His perfect work. And in doing so, you will make yourself complete. You will find yourself lacking nothing. It’s not always easy displaying the patience that we are commanded of. It’s not always easy maintaining the compassion and understanding that we as Christians must display. We must take the time to practice. Rather than looking at the testing of your patience as simply something you have trouble with, look at it as preparing you for something greater. Take the lessons that God gives us, learn from them, and each day when you leave your house and go into the world, walk out a stronger more patient servant of God. Lacking nothing.

-In the service of our Lord,

Robert A. Miller

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