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Mackenzie Pilgrim

Pleasanton Intern


10 years ago

Lightning strikes gives Baptists a view of the heavens – The sun filters through the opening made by a lightning strike on Saturday, September 12.


20 years ago

Diez y Seis Festivities – Coordinator Maria Pesqueda and queen candidates Brandy Luna, Clemencia Calvillo, Victoria Gaitan in Norma Gomez prepare for Charlotte’s version of Mexico’s Fiestas Patrias that will be happening this Saturday. The Diez y Seis de Septiembre Fiesta will kick off with a parade, followed by the queen coronation and dance. 


30 years ago

Displaying handiwork –  Elizabeth Netardus proudly shows off the quilt she made for her grandson, Glenn Wisenbaker, to take to college 


40 years ago

Helping Momma – Kristin Tymrak has been helping out her mom all week in putting out Blood Drive posters. Since children cannot donate blood, this is her way of helping the YHT with the Blood Drive this Saturday, September 22nd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Pleasanton Town Square. 


50 years ago

Kip Owen, (31), PHS half-back pulls for extra yardage against big Ro-Hawk defense. 


60 years ago

“Squat low” – That’s the name tagged to this five-year-old gelding that the American Legion Post will give away at their celebration and quarter horse how here November 11th Daylon James, Quarter Horse Show Steward, is showing the animal. This top-notch quarter horse comes from Fairview Farms, Pleasanton. He got his name from Cowboys who rode from him because of the way he “sits down” after a catch. He’s so gentle that even kids can climb all over him. 

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