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Mackenzie Pilgrim

Pleasanton Intern


10 years ago

Jourdanton 5th graders taking a pledge against bullying are:  Victoria Mulcahy, Alison Flores and Trysten Garcia. 


20 years ago

2000 Pot-bellied Pig Show Costume Competition 


30 years ago

New officers-  Pleasanton EMS elected new officers for 1990. They are, from the left, Glenn Simpson, president; Richard Jones, vice president; Robin Simpson, treasurer; Brenda Rains, secretary; Walter Martinez, training officer; and John Lee, maintenance officer. Not shown is Mary Allen, scheduler.


40 years ago

Senior citizens display-  a monthly ritual to Pleasanton Public Library is the many different displays that are exhibited in the Showcase. This month the display is made up of pictures and articles belonging to the senior citizens. Two ladies who helped fix the display are Mrs. Lera Halpin (left) and Mrs. Viola Mansfield.


50 years ago

What is it?-  Gilbert Zamarripa holds a peculiar object found in a vacant lot near his home on Martin Street here by a visiting South Carolina friend Sunday. It resembles something between a bowling ball and a giant onion, has a semi clear exterior that looks like plastic yet as hard as glass. One side has been shifter broken away, revealing a core of heavy grain Stone. His youngsters said the core appears to glow when it is tumbled around in the dark. 


60 years ago

Near the top-  John Temple, Pleasanton FFA, won Reserve Champion honors with this sheep that he exhibited in the Atascosa Stock Show last week.

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