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Madeleine Guajardo

Pleasanton Intern

10 years ago

For Veteran’s Day, Pleasanton Primary School had children invite loved ones who were veterans to have lunch with them. Wyatt Chapa, son of Sergio Chapa and Celia Chapa, invited great-grandpa Domingo Chapa and great-grandma Josie Chapa to have lunch with him. Mr. Chapa is a World War II veteran who served in the US Navy.

Cristan Hellen, daughter of Cindy and Jimmy Gates, is a published illustrator. Cristan did the artwork for a children’s book, Give Wings to My Triumph, which was written by her cousin, Reagan Rothe. Cristan is a 2008 Pleasanton graduate and is currently attending Texas State University in San Marcos and majoring in Art Education.

20 years ago

Three marathon runners from Atascosa County were happy and relieved after they finished running in the San Antonio Marathon on Sunday. Left to right are Noel Gaitan of Charlotte, Woody Wilson of Pleasanton and Thomas Villalobos of Pleasanton. Gaitan finished 318th in a time of 3:53.53; Villalobos 360th in 3:58.45 and Wilson 383rd in 4:oo.07.

Posing proudly here are members of the Pleasanton Eagles’ cross country team that competed at the regional meet Saturday. In front, kneeling, are Bryce Wilkins and Jason Vyvlecka. In the back are Duane Henrie, Jason Heinen, Jason Saenz, Alex Solano, Martin Silva and coach Woody Grossman.

30 years ago

Clayton Rogers and Renee Royal were chosen as the Pleasanton Eagle Band Beau and Band Sweetheart for 1988. Clayton and Renee both have played in the percussion section in the high school Eagle band for four years. Clayton is the section leader and Renee is the Senior Class representative.

These Pleasanton 4-H club members, along with the National Peanut Growers Association, where out at the recent county fair in their booth demonstrating all the different foods that can be created with peanuts. Left to right are Pam Turner, Samantha Kotzur, Cassie Williams, Frances Turner, Jennifer Mathis, Sherry Gregorczyk, Kristy Aaron and Lance Ferguson in front hiding behind the bag of peanuts.

40 years ago

County Judge H.H. Coward is mighty proud of the new U.S. Army Unit which will be headquartered in Pleasanton. He relates that message to Master Sergeant Bruce Welborn, who was in Atascsosa  County last week making arrangements for the first drill which will take place Saturday.

Michael Korus of Pleasanton was named 1978’s outstanding Young Farmers at the Young Farmers and Young Homemakers banquet Saturday night. Making the award presentation is 1978-1979 President Adolph Huizar.

50 years ago

The officers of the Pleasanton FHA chapter are busy bunch of gals. Here at work in the sewing room of the high school are, left to right, Dolly Sotello, secretary; Debbie Reese, first vice president; Linda Bowman, parliamentarian; Janie Schnita, treasurer; Cindy Donaho, fourth vice president, Josane Hunter, historian; Ann Degenhardt, Area 10 president; Marjorie Adamita, chapter president; Marla Hufford, third vice president; Susan Reed, second vice president; Linda Austin, fifth vice president and Cindy Lasiter, pianist.

60 years ago

The Eagles put a stop to Floresville’s Chris Kuykendall on this play. It didn’t happen often enough, however , as Kuykendall was a big ground-gainer in the Tigers’ 28-6 victory over PHS. Kuykendall is being spilled by an unidentified Eagle with Glen Williams (No. 29) coming up to assist and Mark Midgett (No. 33) in pursuit.

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