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Mackenzie Pilgrim

Pleasanton Intern


10 years ago

A group of Atascosa County Relay For Life committee members attended the relay University training in San Antonio to get ready for the local event on Saturday, April 17th, 2010. Front row left to right are: Courtney Schmidt, Tammy Henson, Sandra Lerma, Charlotte Ramsey, Cheryl Northcott and Leslie Iberra (Community Manager-Development with American Cancer Society). Back row: Clint Henson, Ruth Conroy, Laura Marsh and David Wickersham.


20 years ago

Louis Reyes and daughter Alyssa of Pleasanton, were bright up and early to enjoy the 1995 Cowboy Breakfast.


30 years ago

Getting ready- Mr. Button puts the finishing touches on Serena Orr’s costume.


40 years ago

They gave their all- to help make the EMS Chili Cookoff a fun time. Pictured is “Diamond Lil” Vi Hall and Atascosa County CB’ers Helen Ramsey, Bobbie Voss and Linda Moehrig.


50 years ago

Congratulations- Dolph Briscoe, Jr., left, beams congratulations to Miss Barbara Franklin and C.S. (Pete) Mangum, who were named Poteet’s woman and man-of-the-year at the annual C of C banquet Monday night. Briscoe, Uvalde rancher-banker, was guest speaker. 


60 years ago

Queen could be the oldest mare in the U.S., Shes about 47- “Queen”- a mare by Mr. and Mrs. Custer Simmons of Tank Hollow, could be the oldest animals of her kind in the country. As nearly as Mr. and Mrs. Simmons can determine, Queen is 47 years old. In human terms, Queen has reached the ripe age of 141. (Dr. David Cardwell, Pleasanton vet, says the average life expectancy of a horse is between 20 and 25. So the ratio is about 3-1 in comparison to human beings). 


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