Flashback: Santa visits and snakes

It is not too late to bring a smile to a child’s face by donating a gift at any of the 13 locations for CASA or by picking an angel off any of the trees located throughout Atascosa County. Even the little ones may enjoy picking out a gift and donating. The simplest thing can teach a child an invaluable lesson.

50 years ago this week

•Mountain Lion shot by John Hindes on the Leroy Hindes O’Connor ranch. The mountain lion weighed around 100 pounds and was a beautiful animal. (Writer’s Notes: My hubby the University of Houston and La Marque High School Cougar Alumni would be appalled at the needless slaughter of such a magnificent animal.)

•If you think traffic is bad now, be glad you were not here 50 years ago when four separate traffic crashes occurred in nine metal grinding hours.

•Second annual Pleasanton Christmas parade was being planned for Saturday. Rumors abound that Santa will be in attendance. (Writer’s Notes: Apparently the jolly old elf is an efficiency expert as he will also be in Poteet that day, no doubt checking on the strawberries.)

45 years ago this week

Meeting at Bandon, Manitoba, Canada, the International Highway 281 Association sought new identification for Highway 281 with the fighting men and Legion organizations of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Appealing to state and local pride as well as national patriotism, Mayor T. D. Craddock of Hamilton, Texas, proposed that every city, town and community plant state or province trees along Hwy. 281. Craddock proposed that each tree bear a plaque of bronze or other durable material naming and thus honoring a local fighting man lost at war.

40 years ago this week

4-H members throughout Atascosa County are helping to make a happier Christmas for servicemen and veterans in the military hospitals… this is the third year 4-H members have baked cookies. For many of the servicemen this is the only Christmas present they receive. (Writer’s Notes: A good idea then and now. The many veterans in my family have said how important a taste of home and hearth can be.)

35 years ago this week

Santa Claus arrived a little early at the home of District Probation Officer and Mrs. Frank Perkins Sr. Old Santa brought their seventh grandchild and first granddaughter on Wednesday, December 7th. Jessica Lindsay was six pounds, 15 ounces, and 18 inches long.

30 years ago this week

•Delpha Guajardo, a junior at Pleasanton High School, presented a Christmas musical program to the Rotary Club and accompanied her singing with sign language. Delpha, who is the Rotary Duchess is pursuing a degree in deaf education and is presently doing work in that area. Accompanying Delpha was Jody Hurley at the piano.

•The Jourdanton Community Library has scheduled two films that will be shown during the holiday season. On Monday and Tuesday the film “The Night the Animals Talked” and the award winning feature film “Born Free” will be shown on Wednesday.

25 years ago this week

•If Michael Liska, a local Pleasanton dentist, could see as many trophy bucks as he’s seen large snakes this year, he’s be having a good hunting season. Liska was in his wife’s deer blind on a lease near Big Wells, Texas Saturday when he spotted a 63- inch long creature crawling below near a covey of quail. The snake got to within 18 inches of the covey as the quail lined up to watch it. Liska said the snake never rattled until he shot it in the head with his deer rifle. It had 12 rattlers and a button and measured 9 ¼ inches in circumference at its thickest point.

•Saragoza Estrada Jr. and Leonard Garcia Jr., both of Poteet, were surprised early Sundaymorningbya5foot, 9 rattle rattlesnake, as they prepared to enter their deer blind.

20 years ago this week

Carolyn Wright, a kindergarten teacher in Jourdanton, was one of five persons honored recently for service to the community in ceremonies in San Antonio. She was named a winner of the KQ102/San Antonio Express News “Spirit of Camelot” Contest that searched for people in the San Antonio area who may have performed a heroic deed or served their community in some way. As a winner, she had the privilege of being knighted by “Camelot” star, Robert Goulet. As Goulet travels in his role of King Arthur, he honors five persons in each city for kind actions to their fellow man. Wright was nominated for her work with the Well Wabbit Just Say No Club in the Jourdanton Elementary School.

15 years ago this week

After he filed as a candidate on Friday December 12 and resigned his position on the State Republican Executive Board on Saturday, December 13, former Pleasanton Mayor, Bob Hurley, announced that he would run for State Rep (House District 44) on the Republican Ticket. House District 44 includes the following Counties: Atascosa, Duval, Jim Wells, La- Salle, McMullen and Wilson.

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