Flashback on the farm


LOOK MA, NO RAIN-The Leal brothers raised these out-of-season watermelons and cantelopes without rain.  They planted eight acres in March and harvested a good amount in late June. They planned to plant a late grain crop, but waited on the melons.  A good stand ensued and about 200 melons were harvested last week.  Recent rains have prompted the vines to put on new growth and they’re expectin’ again.  The melons here were raised without any rain.  They were grown ont he banks of the Atascosa River on the Joe K. Williams place near McCoy.



PEANUTS! PEANUTS! Felipe Leal of McCoy exhibits peanuts form a 34-acre field planted on June 20.  All 34 acres are like this, according to Leal, who has lived on and worked the Joe K. Williams place at McCoy for 18 years.

The peanuts weren’t plowed when this picture was taken  (Before the rains came).  Leal estimated that the peanuts would harvest 35 to 40 bushels to the acre.

Ernest Wehman calculated that they’d go higher.  He said he’d give Leal 45 bushels to the acre, pay for the threshing and be satisfied with what was left.  Wehman calculated the peanuts should make 65 bushels to the acre.

The peanuts were raised without irrigation and without fertilizer.


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    date of flashback not given.

    • Robbie Hamby says:

      This particular flashback was a clipping given to us by a reader. There was no date, and it wouldn’t be conducive to search through every page of the brittle archives to locate the exact date.

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