FLASHBACK: Bus breaks down, FFA boys hitch-hike to Area Contests

These are citizens of tomorrow-First graders sing out at Pleasanton Elementary School. Express photo originally ran in the November 26, 1975 edition of the Pleasanton Express.

These are citizens of tomorrow-First graders sing out at Pleasanton Elementary School. Express photo originally ran in the November 26, 1975 edition of the Pleasanton Express.

60 Years ago-

Three Pleasanton FFA teams reached the area FFA contests at Kingsville, Saturday, the hard way. Their bus broke down and the 20 boys hitch-hiked to Kingsville 50 miles away. The three teams competing included the Chapter Farmer Farm Skill team, the Greenhand FFA Quiz team and the Greenhand Chapter conducting team. The Greenhand Quiz team won third place.

50 Years ago-

An alert deputy sheriff halted what appeared to be an attempted burglary of the Steinle insurance office in Jourdanton, Saturday night. Sheriff H.H. Coward’s office reported that Deputy Robert Hurley discovered two men loitering near the Steinle office

shortly after midnight. The pair ran when Hurley challenged them. He fired once and one of the men surrendered. The other ran into a nearby brushy lot and disappeared. Other officers were called. A continuous patrol kept the area, where the suspect was thought to be hiding, under surveillance until daylight. Shorlty after daylight the officers moved into the brush seeking the suspect. Murphy found the man asleep on the ground in the midst of cactus and catclaw.

40 Years ago-

Pleasanton High School Eagle Band made it 22 straight as they captured two “Number 1” ratings at the University Interscholastic League Inspection and Marching Contest,

Thursday in Karnes City. This string of first places for the outstanding Pleasanton Band starting in 1954, the year after Band Director Doug Williamson returned from serving in the USAF. All three judges in the marching contest and the inspection judge rated the Eagle Band a first division.

30 Years ago-

An investigation into the activities of the Atascosa County District Clerk’s office climaxed Wednesday evening, Nov. 20, when the November session of the Atascosa County Grand Jury adjourned after handing down ten felony and six misdemeanor indictments against against District. The Pleasanton Police Dept. and Atascosa County

Sheriff’s Dept., headed by Pleasanton Police Chief Bill Dean, Pleasanton investigator Gary Soward, Pleasanton patrolman Mark Vernone, and Atascosa County Assistant Chief Deputy Sheriff David Soward, ran a search warrant in Pleasanton Tuesday, Nov. 19, and recovered over 4 ounces of marijuana. The 32-year old occupant was arrested.

20 Years ago –

The 1995 Atascosa Courthouse Christmas Lighting Project, thanks to the dedication of the Lighting Committee and its chairman, Patsy Tymrak Daughtrey as well as those who are supporting it with their donations of gifts, time and equip-

ment, is beginning to take shape. Tymrak Daughtrey announced this week that an order for 1,440 feet of electric wiring and 3,000 bulbs has been placed and delivery of the order is expected before Thanksgiving.

10 Years ago-

A San Antonio man convicted by an Atascosa County jury was sentenced to prison Friday, November 18, on six burglary of a habitation charges. The arrest was the result of an extensive investigation by Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigation Division. The defendant, Ernest Guerra, 34, San Antonio, was arrested November 26, 2005 and was charged with eight counts of burglary of a habitation. Also arrested in the investigation were Guerra’s two brothers, Alejandro and Raul, also of San Antonio.

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