Saluting our Firefighters


This week is National Fire Prevention Week. As we honor our men and women who brave the dangers of fire and put themselves in harm’s way helping with accidents all over our county, let’s get to know these fine people who donate their time so willingly. Please read Lisa Luna’s article on Trini Bosquez a 43-year veteran of fighting fires for the Pleasanton Volunteer Fire Department. All of the department photos may be seen on pages 6 and 7B and businesses who also support their hard work.


Ata-Bexar VFD 25580 Pleasanton Road San Antonio, Texas 78264

The actual location of Atascosa “County Line” VFD has been serving the area for over 35 years and is located at 25580 Old Pleasanton Road. Training is held 6:30 p.m. at the station on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Regular monthly meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Board of Directors and Officers are: Branden Applewhite, President/ FF; Sheree Bouldin, Vice President; Nancy Miller, Secretary; Ron Umburn, Treasurer; Board Members: Milton Miller, Chaplain; Robyn White, Administered Fire Chief/FF; CJ McCune FF; Mellissa Hammond, FF; Richard Guillen, FF. Acting Fire Chief is William Hammond.

Campbellton VFD P.O. Box 5 Campbellton, Texas 78008

The Campbellton “Paisano” VFD collects community dues — an annual donation mailed in by Campbellton area residents. However, the department’s area also covers an area that includes McCoy, Peggy and Fashing.

The department is always in need of both members and donations. “Paisano” firefighters cover most of the southern and southeastern portion of the county. They are often called for assistance at accident sites on IH-37.

The department’s officers include: Fire Chief Martin Llamas Jr., Asst. Chief Homer Garcia, Secretary/Captain/ EMT-B Chris Llamas, Lt. Joe Sotello and Treasurer Dora Llamas. Those interested in becoming volunteer firefighters may contact the fire chief at 830-256- 4456.

Join them in their fundraiser “Turkey Bingo” and more this Saturday, October 10. Brisket and sausage tacos/sandwiches will be served starting at 5 p.m.

Charlotte VFD P.O. Box 714 Charlotte, Texas 78011

Donations are always needed. Money raised helps the department maintain their equipment and allows the members to receive related training and to purchase needed equipment.

The department is inviting area residents to come and join them for the Charlotte VFD Firemen’s Barbecue to be held sometime in November. The profits will be used by the department for operating costs and equipment.

This department has a very big need for volunteer members. Even if you are a resident living near Hwy. 173 to the north or the McMullen County line to the south, please volunteer.

The department’s area of responsibility is the largest of any area in Atascosa County. It extends from Hwy. 173 south to the McMullen County line. The department could certainly use additional members and the community’s support.

Officers in the department include: Fire Chief Robert Romo and Sec./ Treas. Clarissa Romo.

Christine VFD P.O. Box 101 Christine, Texas 78012

Christine’s VFD is looking to add new members. The current members have been working hard to keep their equipment running and need donations to help fund purchases of necessary gear.

The department’s area of responsibility covers the south central portion of the county.

Anyone interested in joining the department should contact one of the members. They meet the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

The department’s officers include: Fire Chief Joe Meyer, President Matthew Jerkins,Vice President Daylon Maddox, Treasurer Jackie Jerkins and Secretary Doris Smith. Board members are: David Vrana, Rudy Gonzales, Kenneth Howard, Jerry Faulkner, Rachel Gonzales, Raymond Moczygemba, Charlie Smith, Eric Aranda, Kye Maddox, and James Sieffert

Jourdanton VFD 1227 Simmons Jourdanton, Texas 78026

Jourdanton VFD has a large area of responsibility in the center of the county. It reaches southward near Christine and northward toward Poteet. The east and west boundaries are bordered by areas covered by the Charlotte and Pleasanton departments. Jourdanton fire-fighters are in need of volunteers and donations.

The department answers about 200 calls each year that are fire or wreck related.

The department will be demonstrating fire prevention and offering tips at the Jourdanton schools this week.

The department meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7 p.m. Jourdanton VFD officers include: Fire Chief David Prasifka, Assistant Chief, Jay Fojtik, Captain Oscar Munoz, Captain Roland Jimenez, Captain Charlie Abshier, President Tom Poenisch, Secretary Amy Martinez and Treasurer David Martinez. Members include: James Huddleston, Jerry Brady, Edward Reid, James Gardner, Moly Stuart, Jarret Culbreath, Kevin B. Tucker III, Paul R. Parsons, Margaret Gallegos, Samantha Chapa Louis Gallegos and Paul Shelton.

Leming VFD P.O. Box 193 Leming, Texas 78050

Leming VFD responds to fires between Leming and Ata-Bexar to the north as well as areas to the east, west and south to Pleasanton.

The officers at Leming VFD include: Fire Chief Andrew Martinez, Asst. Chief Domingo Martinez, Pres. Juan Ramon Rodriguez, Vice Pres. John R. Rodriguez, Treasurer Jessica Ottinger, Sergeant at Arms John . Rodriguez, Secretary Brandy Fournier. Members include: Garret Turner, Tammy Gillespie, Mike Pasceralla, Danelle Pasceralla, Adam McKinley, Loren Gillespie and Timothy Fournier. Members in Leming meet first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Lytle VFD

P.O. Box 299 15078 Main Street Lytle, Texas 78052

The Lytle Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1955. It covers the northwestern corner of Atascosa County. However, their responsibility does not stop there. They are dedicated to the prevention and suppression of fires, as well as response to medical emergencies and other incidents in Lytle as well as Atascosa, Bexar and Medina Counties

Lytle VFD, like other departments in the county, needs lots of new members and donations. They meet on Mondays at 7 p.m.

Officers for 2015: Chief/ Treasurer Matthew Dear, Asst. Chief Roger Garcia, Captain/President Kevin Dear, Vice President Pedro Fuentes, Captain Chris Lange, Secretary Lucas Martinez, Lieutenant Rene Flores and Lieutenant Chad Tilley.Website: Email:

Pleasanton VFD P.O. Box 405 Pleasanton, Texas 78064

The Pleasanton VFD has typically been the largest department in the county.

With the size also comes a large area of responsibility in fighting fires. It covers an area from between Jourdanton and Pleasanton on the west to the Wilson County line on the east.

There has been a decline in department membership as the area’s workforce has taken jobs in the oil and gas industries. They are no longer available to respond to fires while working for large and sometimes distantly located companies.

The department also supports a large rescue unit which includes Jawsof Life equipment. In addition, the department’s members also train in water rescue. It is also custodian of a communications van designated for regional homeland security.

Chuck Garris, is the department’s Fire Chief. He is now the first paid Fire Chief in the VFD’s history.

The department trains every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. They have been demonstrating fire safety this week to area daycares and schools.

The department’s officers include: Fire Chief Chuck Garris, lst. Asst. Fire Chief Junior Bosquez, Asst. Fire Chief Santiago Carrasco, Lt. Sheridan Murray, President Aaron Leal, Vice President Josh Rodriguez, Secretary Gene Bosquez, Public Information Officer Louis Gutierrez Jr., Sgt.-at-Arms Hunter Saenz, Chaplain Randy Zepeda and Board Members: Joe Carrasco, B.J. Martinez, J Garcia and Trini Bosquez. Members: Kim Ingram, Michelle Miller, Bruce Hudson, Sheldon Hudson John Lambaria, Jason Sikorski, Braden Bauer, Richard Capps and Andrew Zamarripa.

Poteet VFD P.O. Box 966 Poteet, Texas 78065

The Poteet VFD is located in the heart of the Strawberry City on Avenue H. The fire station is also home for the large strawberry monument, the Poteet family monument and the Poteet Canyon monument.

Poteet VFD is in need of additional members and would especially like to have more firefighters who can respond during the day. The department is in need of several pieces of equipment.

The department’s area of responsibility reaches northward to the Blackjack Oak area south of Primrose. To the west, the area reaches almost to Rossville. The eastern boundary is near Leming and goes south to the area covered by Jourdanton. In addition to hosting a National Night Out, holding a demonstration all day at Poteet Elementary on Friday, gathering at the courthouse on Saturday to help distribute free smoke alarms – they will also assist in parking at St. Philip Benizi Church festival this Sunday.

The department’s officers include: Fire Chief Curtis Adams, Asst. Chief Tina Neely-Lopez, Captain Ariel Herrera, President Rick Flores Sr., Vice President Nemencio Tijerina, Lt. Hector Perales, Treasurer John Franklin and Secretary Araceli Tijerina.

Primrose VFD 25 Primrose Lane P.O. Box 966 Poteet, Texas 78065

The Primrose fire department is one of the county’s smallest in size but has a large area to cover — reaching into Bexar County — and needs donations to help keep the fire trucks running and to buy new equipment. They certainly need your donations and volunteers.

The department reorganized a few years ago and makes every effort to move forward and grow. The fire department really needs firefighter volunteers.

Primrose VFD meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7 p.m. Come and be a member. They always need donations of money, water and non-perishable snack items.

They will be holding an Enchilda Plate sale on Saturday October 10. Contact Veronica at 830-742-4800 and leave a message for information. They also have plans for a dance to be held on December 5.

Department officers include: Fire Chief David Croft, Captain Veronica Croft. Members: Zachary Chapman, Miles Willis and Michelle Squires-Vaughn.

Rossville VFD 500 FM-2504 Poteet, Texas 78065

Rossville VFD is in a totally rural area and covers a large area that wraps around Lytle’s area of responsibility. It reaches northward to Bexar County and westward to Medina County.

The department has been gaining new members, but they certainly need your financial support.

The department began in 1989. Rossville VFD meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Rossville Community Center.

They will hold their annual Turkey Shoot on November 22.

Officers in the department include: Fire Chief Joseph Castillo, Asst. Chief Chris Gonzales, Captain/Treasurer Marcus Krempin, President/ Lt. Travis Briseño, Vice President Stephanie Reyes, Secretary/Treas. Jackie Cantu, Public Relations/ Chaplain David Reyes.

Deserving of honors

These firefighters are able to protect our community because they have the support of their employers. These businesses deserve much needed thanks. The auxiliary groups are another facet of the volunteer fire departments. They work to raise money and help feed and hydrate the firefighters during prolonged battles.

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