Filing deadline is Friday, Feb. 27

The deadline to file for the upcoming municipal and school board elections is this Friday, February 27. The elections for Pleasanton and Poteet will be held on Saturday, May 9.

City of Pleasanton

There are three seats to be filled due to term limits. J.R. Gallegos, District 4, Roger Garza, District 5 and Jeanne Israel, District 6.

It is also time for a mayoral election. The current mayor is Clint Powell who has already filed.

Travis Hall has filed for District 6 council’s place.

Pleasanton ISD

School trustees will see an election if candidates file to contest the current members.

At press time, Edward Zamarippa, District 2; Jamie Downs, District 5; Joseph Warnken, District 6 and Ami Powell, District 7 have all filed to keep their places on the school board. Danny Brown, District 4 has not filed.

City of Poteet

The mayor’s seat is due for election. Currently Larry Cantu holds that office and has filed. Also filing for the mayoral election is Richard Tuttle Sr.

Rick Flores has filed for Place 4 and Denise Sanchez and Vanessa Saylor have both filed for Place 5.

Poteet ISD

Poteet ISD School Board Places 3, 4 and 5 are all due for election.

Current members who have filed are Henry S. Ortiz, Place 3; Steven C. Estrada, Place 4.

Yvette Navarro, has filed for Place 5. Member Conrad Estrada has not filed.

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