FBC to welcome Rusty Brandon

This Sunday, Sept. 20 at 10:50 a.m. Rusty Brandon, Executive Director of Alto Frio Baptist Encampment in Leakey will be the guest speaker at First Baptist Church, 400 N. Reed St. in Pleasanton. All are cordially welcome.

Rusty will preach and share about the ministry of Alto Frio Baptist Encampment which celebrated its 100th anniversary in June.

Alto Frio held its first encampment on Aug. 20, 1920, after local land owner, John Davis, gave a tract of land to establish the camp. At the very first camp meeting John Davis walked the aisle and made a commitment to follow Christ, becoming the first person to experience God at Alto Frio. Since then, thousands of lives have been changed through the camps and retreats that have taken place there.

Rusty will share God’s Word and share his testimony about how God continues to use Alto Frio as a place for all to come experience God.

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