Fans disappointed with Longhorns, Cowboys



Two of the favorite football teams in South Texas did not fare well this past weekend and the fans are upset.

One of my sons, who is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, said the Cowboys lost too many good players to start the season and it showed Sunday in their 16-8 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Gone from the roster are wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. The Cowboys also played Sunday without their all-pro lineman Travis Frederick who is battling Guillian syndrome and is out indefinitely. Without the two pass catchers to throw to quarterback Dak Prescott looked out of sync Sunday. Then, to make matters worse, new kicker Brett Maher missed a 47-yard field goal and set off a rash of criticism since the Cowboys let go the popular Dan Bailey, who was simply the second best field goal kicker in NFL history. What was most disturbing was the many penalties that hurt the Cowboys greatly. Two of them came from their best lineman, Tyron Smith and another two from lineman La’el Collins.

All four penalties were costly and the Cowboys wound up with 10 penalties for 85 yards. Another sad fact was the Cowboys’ inability to provide adequate protection for Prescott, who was constantly harassed by the Panthers’ defense.

One bright spot was the scoring drive in the fourth quarter that led to their only touchdown. And the Cowboys had a chance for a tying score in the final minutes until a fumble clinched it for Carolina.

It’s sad to admit that the Texas Longhorns looked on Saturday a lot like the Cowboys did on Sunday. They made mistakes, suffered too many penalties and in the final analysis, they barely hung on to beat the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes by a score of 28-21.

Tulsa was a weaker opponent the Longhorns were expected to manhandle handily.

After losing their first game of the season to Maryland, the Longhorns were supposed to take out their frustrations on the Hurricanes, a team they were favored to beat easily. It didn’t turn out that way. After leading 21-0 at halftime, the Longhorns began to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties and mistakes. By the end of the game, they barely hung on to win.

Both the Cowboys and Longhorns seem to be loaded with talent and are not playing to their abilities. That means that it’s up to the coaching staffs to do their jobs and figure out what’s wrong.

It’s early in the season and we have to take that into account. But if things don’t get better, some coaches will be in danger of losing their jobs.

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