Falling for Fall



Fall, it’s my favorite time of year.  I admit I do enjoy me some Spring-time, but there’s just something about Fall.

The air starts to turn crisp. The temperatures drop, and after 110 degree weather, it is such a pleasure.   Even though I live in Texas, and there’s not much leaf dropping, there’s some, and I’ll take it.  

I can’t say Fall is about renewal because everything is going dormant. But, I’m not about to let that dissuade me from enjoying every minute of it! And I even love the time change, which is usually just in time for me to catch up on some sleep!

It also puts me in the mood to shop.  For clothes!  Which is not my typical personality.  And enjoy pumpkins, hay, scarecrows, most any Fall decor, so there’s shopping for that too!  

And the fall smells! I love candles and that’s such an easy way to bring fall into the house. Apple, cinnamon, hazelnut, pumpkin-spice.  Yum.

Then there’s my favorite holiday coming up.  Nope, it’s not Christmas, which (and I know this is frowned upon) I really don’t like.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  There’s not a lot of pressure with Thanksgiving.  No searching for the perfect present, for 30 people.  That’s something I could do without!  No commercialism.  Just turkey, dressing, corn, green beans, potatoes, pies, family and most importantly giving thanks.  

It’s a opportunity to really count those blessings.  Thank my Maker for family, friends, food, seasons, a home, a job. The list goes on and on.

What else could a girl want?

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