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I’m sure most of you are familiar with Facebook or at least know it exist. It sure did come in handy for me this weekend.

I am “friends” with a lot of my old high school classmates on Facebook. I enjoy seeing what they are up to occasionally. It’s odd to think  that a little over a decade ago I probably wouldn’t still be in touch with so many from my graduating class. It’s great.

While scrolling through the news feed on my Facebook page, I noticed a post by my friend, Amber, who now lives out of state. She posted about using essential oils for her daughter’s croup and that it worked great. I quickly messaged her and asked more about it being that both of my little ones get croup often and there’s not a whole lot you can do for them without breathing treatments.

Amber responded with a link and suggestions of Thyme and Marjoram oils for the croup. She even sent me samples of each and a couple more with a short note on directions.

Luckily, I received them Saturday afternoon ‘cause the next day they were barking like little croupy seals. So far so good. I’m glad that the package arrived when it did. They are doing well with it and my Augie Bear has slept in his beds the past two nights!!! Yeah!!! So THANKS AGAIN AMBER!!!

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