Extension specialist offers GIS services to EUWCD

Texas A&M University Extension Program Specialist Dr. Gabriele Bonaiti presented a proposal for an online, browser based Geospatial Information System (GIS) at the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District (EUWCD). GIS software is used to make maps and analyze spatial data, and EUWCD can use GIS technology to enforce spacing regulations, map drawdown conditions, calculate aquifer volumes and more.

Bonaiti’s proposed project is essentially allowing EUCWD to collaborate with Texas Agrilife Extension Agency and use their ArcServer program, a GIS software package that can manipulate large amounts of spatial data and publish those maps online through viewfinder. The license for ArcServer is expensive however, so Texas Agrilife is proposing to share the software for a fee.

In order to access the Extension offices software, Dr. Bonaiti will create a GIS website, just like Google Maps or other online mapping systems. EUWCD staff will be able to access the maps and the data associated with them so long as they have a computer and internet access, allowing them to get information about wells, well locations, pumping reports and more online. Dr. Bonaiti said that EUWCD could make the maps available online, which the District board members seem to find favorable.

Matt Pope, EUWCD technician said “We are so pumped right now it’s unbelievable,” saying the software like this will be a great help to EUWCD staff.

EUWCD will pay $1,836 for the service, and if council approves, they may enter in to a long term agreement with Texas Agrilife and pay a monthly fee for the service.

General Manager Russell Labus said “For this amount of money, for what we are getting, this is a bargain.”

Dr. Bonaiti proposed a similar project to Gonzales Underground Water Conservation District.

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