Express welcomes new ad sales representative

Michele Vecchiarino

Michele Vecchiarino

With a resounding “Yes!” “Yes!”, “Yes!”, from the Pleasanton Express management team, Michele Vecchiarino was hired as our new Advertising Sales Representative. Michele hit the ground running and within the first week had a contract signed, two more nearly inked and a three page roster of businesses that she was hitting one after another.

Michele was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she met her fiance, Scott Newman of Riverside, California. It was Scott’s position at Terra Heavy Equipment and Rentals, that brought Michele and Scott to Atascosa County.

Michele is the type of person that never met a stranger, so when she wanted to know more about what was happening in the community, she turned to the Pleasanton Express. She picked up a paper and was happy to find a Salon in the area and Scott was happy to see a Dairy Queen. “Although you think that you can find everything online,” Michele explained. “You can only find out who the “main players” in a town are by looking for who consistently advertises in the paper. They may be advertising their own businesses or donating time and / or money for church or community events. Those are the people and businesses that truly make up a com munity.

“The beautiful thing about Michele joining the ad sales team is now we will both have time to do what the Express thinks is the most important part of sales: focusing on and pleasing our existing customer base, while also offering them creative and successful ad campaigns,” said Mary Gallegos, Express Advertising Sales Manager. “Having been in the media sales business my whole adult life, I know that if you do not nurture your active customers, you will not retain them. Michele is customer service plus, plus, plus. I know that every new client she brings in will fall in love with her as we all have.”

Michele likes to work “in the cloud” and is very techno savvy. She is implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) model that will help the Express sales staff organize interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. Additionally, this new software will help us nurture and retain active clients and hopefully entice former advertisers back into the fold. It will also help the Express staff do the very best job of finding, attracting and winning new clients.

Michele has a son, Nicholas Angelo Vecchiarino, 19, who lives with his grandmother in Las Vegas. Scott’s son, Daniel Newman, 18, is graduating from Poteet High School. Scott’s youngest son, Douglas, 12, lives in Las Vegas with his mother.

If you are one of the lucky businesses that Michele is going to visit in the future, you will get the chance to meet this funny, often goofy and talkative lady from Las Vegas. She might even give you some gaming tips as she used to be a table games dealer for 16 years.

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