Express Quick Response code now available



We’re moving right along with the 21st century. Please welcome the official Pleasanton Express QR code.

QR code or Quick Response code is the barcode like image you may be seeing on everything. Especially in magazines advertisements, restaurant menus and even some in our newspaper.

A QR code is code your smartphone can read that links to a website, particular text or a phone number.

To use a QR code all you need is a smartphone and a QR code reader application. A lot of the applications are free. Once you have downloaded the QR code reader app for your smartphone, use the app to take a picture of the code. Your phone will automatically take you to the link that is attached to the code. It’s that simple. This makes going to a website much faster than trying to type in the full address.

Here at the Pleasanton Express we will be incorporating QR codes in our print and online editions. We will always have the code for our main website on the front page of the newspaper so that it is easy for you to find.

We look forward to bringing you creative ways to use this tool that can be beneficial for everyone. So go ahead give it a shot.

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