Express Launches Fight to Be Fit



We’ve all been there. Gotta be somewhere quick and you have no clean clothes so you go to the old faithful pair of jeans that sit in the back of your closet to save the day. You sigh with relief when you spot them and proceed to pull them up your calves, your knees, your thighs. Uh, your thighs take some time, but you get them up to your waist. It takes more than two attempts to button them. You’re hoping that the little guy doesn’t give way and fly across the room injuring a pet or loved one. Finally, they’re zipped and on. You walk awkwardly over to the mirror only to find a puffy little “muffin top” sitting on the waist band. Ugh!!

This is something I’ve struggled with most of my life. I wasn’t the thinnest child growing up and was made fun of occasionally. Nothing too harsh, but feelings were hurt. I have a tough skin so no one would have known the difference.

My point here isn’t to bore you with another “fat kid” story. I’m here to get your booty out of the slump. In July of last year, I made a decision to get off my derriere and do something about my health. I am not someone that is about appearances. I believe in doing what makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself. Confidence is always key. I believe in FIT not skinny.

As a teenager I found a love in powerlifting. A sport made for girls who are not toothpick thin. (Although, I once watched a girl in the 114 pound weight class pick up 300 pounds in the deadlift.)

In taking an interest in powerlifting I realized that the number on the scale didn’t matter. Here were bookoos of girls not afraid to step on a scale and let everyone know what they weighed. I was truly inspired and took on the same frame of mind. Weight is just a number. It does not define who you are.

What does define you is what you do. So that day back in July of 2011, I got off my rump and began taking care of myself. This isn’t an easy task. In fact, I feel it’s even harder to stay on track being a mother and wife. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

There I was cooking a meal for my family while I drank a protein shake and ate some fruit. They enjoyed hot food and I watched. It began to not bother me. I had made up my mind and decided that this was best for me and my family. If I wanted to be around for them then I had to change what I was doing. I began working out a few times a week with Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as hitting the heavy bag at home when I wasn’t able to get to the gym.

I lost 30 pounds in three months and well over 19 inches. I’ve kept this weight off for a year now. I feel great about it. But, I have set my mind to this, and I’m someone who will do what I say.

I have plateaued and need another push. This is where you come in.

I am stepping up and creating a plan for myself and I want you to follow me. Actually, all of us here at the Pleasanton Express will follow our own plan. We ask that you join us. You can do whatever works for you. If salads work for you, do it. If running 5 miles a day is something that works for you, do it. If getting on the treadmill and watching your favorite tv show does it for you, GREAT! I’m just asking for you to get up and out. Get moving.

We will have results and weigh-ins every week here at the office for our staff. And while most in the office may not be willing to disclose what they weigh or what size their waist is, we will definitely show progress. I will be at full disclosure. Every measurement, every pound will be there for you to watch shrink. I’m here for you. You are my motivation and I hope to be yours.

Next week we will have tips for you and let you in on what our staffers are doing to help them live a healthier life. South Texas Nutrition will also be contributing tips and straight out knowledge for us.

If you would like to participate, email me or like our Fight to be Fit Facebook page to follow along. We encourage you to send us your tips as well.

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