Exception to oil field trash

People should not be so eager to blame roadside trash on oil companies or their employees. Roadside tires are not new. And Trash certainly is not new. Want to blame someone? Blame the county first. They discontinued local trash collection centers and gave out instructions on how to make a burn barrel. Then blame our own citizens who are too lazy to build a trash barrel or too cheap to subscribe to a private trash pickup. And don’t forget those hunters who never burned or toted their trash to the dump in the first place. The creek traversing my property is proof littering has gone on for years. Blame the oil companies? Oil companies don’t throw tires in our bar ditches. They spend a fortune on trash trucks, septic trucks, water trucks, and a whole variety of equipment to lessen their footprint.

Quit taking the easy way out. The county has a windfall of tax money from oil companies and royalty owners. Try spending more of it in the country instead of the city.

Jim Lucas
Buckhorn Creek Ranchxxx

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