Evergreen discusses delinquent production permits

Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District (EUWCD) staff and directors discussed dealing with delinquent production permit renewals and pumping reports at the April 25 meeting. Back in January 2012, the board discussed how to refund old drilling permits that were never fulfilled. “A lot of the time, people own land out here and live somewhere else.” said Chris MacFarlande, field technician at EUWCD. General Manager Russell Labus also said that there are a number of returned letters which were sent to the wrong address.

Director Blaine Schorp proposed a 30 business day notice, excluding holidays and weekends for landowners who have not renewed their permits. Director Jay Troell proposed that staff go to the Atascosa County Courthouse to track down where the landowner is located.

MacFarlane said that delinquent permits should be marked as suspended and retained for their records.

MacFarlane also proposed that most people in the Atascosa, Wilson, Karnes and Frio counties are not aware of the EUWCD, what services they provide and what rules they enforce, and that making themselves know to the public may help improve relations between citizens and the district.

Director Diane Savage asked what the district could do if a delinquent permit holder continues to pump. The board did not come to any one conclusion on that topic, but urged staff to explore options.

The district has not finalized any specific action to be taken yet

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