EUWCD discuss geological study

The Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District discussed an article printed last week about Larry Fox and Jay Troell’s comments about a San Antonio Water System board meeting the pair attended on January 7, 2014. The board stipulated that the article implied that their opinions, sent in a letter to the Pleasanton Express, were misrepresented as a press release, where in fact the statements in the article were the opinions of only Fox and Troell. Fox and Troell stood by their comments, but reiterated that they did not speak for EUCWD.

Dr. Richard Hargis presented an important study at the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District (EUWCD) meeting on Friday, January 31.

Dr. Hargis, a geologist who has worked for 50 years in the Carrizo- Wilcox aquifers, according to EUWCD Director Larry Fox, looked at electronic well logs in hundreds of wells through Atascosa and Wilson Counties. Fox explains, “Hargis’ Geological study analyzed the formation from the ground level to the bottom of our aquifers, and tell us what is in that layer by layer.” Fox says the study mapped shale beds, sands layers and other relevant geological features. Fox added, “The results of that geological study is what is used to make a hydrological study which is used to identify the movement of water within the aquifers,” which could assist the district in knowing how much water is in the aquifers and how fast it recharges.

EUWCD President Steve Snider said to Hargis after his presentation “this was invaluable information,” and the entire board officially thanked him for his work. EUWCD made a motion to pay him in full for his project and his time presenting it to the board and to the public. The motion was passed unanimously.

Fox says that Hargis’ study was unprecedented in the area “Other studies have been done, but they haven’t been as complete as the Hargis study.”

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