Entities presented with appraisal district’s building problems

Several representatives from the Atascosa County Appraisal District have been making the rounds to the various meetings of the entities in which they service – Atascosa County Commissioners’ Court, city councils and school districts. Their objective is to inform everyone on the condition of the ACAD building.

Lewis Lem appeared before the Jourdanton ISD and Jourdanton City Council, Sal Almanza reported to the Poteet City Council and Michelle Cardenas explained the ongoing problems with the building to the Pleasanton City Council, Pleasanton ISD, Charlotte ISD and City Council as well as the Poteet ISD.

Armed with PowerPoint presentations, the representatives unveiled American Disabilities Act non-compliance, plumbing, electrical, and most importantly asbestos problems.

Currently, the directors are waiting for the results to see if there are dangerous levels of asbestos that are airborne. If levels are high, they will be compelled to enact an Emergency Disaster Plan which will close down the location immediately and find another place that would be suitable.

The other problems of the current building are:

Limited ADA accessibility, the cast iron pipes are rusting through and water has been leaking in the building, the parking lot is buckling and sinking and there is no grounding for much of the electrical.

Estimates to repair and bring the building up to code are around $97,000. The building and real estate are worth only $117,000. Lem pointed out at the Jourdanton ISD meeting that the repairs would be 91 percent of building’s value.

Other options would be to lease or purchase a space if one could be found to accommodate them. A third option would be to build.

The ACAD is funded by the various entities they service. Any repairs, lease or purchase would be funded by these taxing entities.

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