Entering the rabbit hole 

The Way I See It

It is quite easy to get immersed in these old issues.
I know that I’m not alone. Robbie Hamby, our managing editor, gets sucked in as well.
On Monday she called me over to show me an article from 1952 about my grandfather – my Papa – L. D. Brown Sr.  He and a couple of his employees were almost killed by cyanide poisoning.
Yes. Cyanide. Apparently it was used back in the 50s to kill weevils at my grandfather’s pea warehouse. He and Joe Flores were hit the hardest and my Papa saved his life before passing out. Joe Gutierrez was also affected by the poisonous fumes. Thanks to Frank Gutierrez and Jesus Salazar, they were able to move my Papa and Flores from the warehouse where Dr. Ogden arrived and revived them.
In that same book, I saw the headline “Jourdanton Couple, 93 and 90 were married 68 years ago Sept. 9” and had to read to see who they were.
It just so happened “they” were my great-grandparents! Mr. and Mrs. William Striebeck who were then living with one of their daughters – my great aunt and uncle Schroeder. My great grandmother died the next year and Papa Striebeck lived another 10 years. The weird thing about this was – I always thought he had passed away before I was born.
So this piece of information sent me to search on ancestry.com to confirm. (This is a whole other trip down a different rabbit hole and I really don’t have time for it what with a deadline and all!)
But, yes, he passed away in 1962 at almost 103 years old and almost four years after my entry into this world.
The way I see it, there is so much information at our fingertips – both in print and online. Interesting stories abound from the present and from the past. Newspapers provide that connection and send us searching for clarification, closure and sometimes just a trip down memory lane.
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