Empty Nesters

The Way I See It



I’ve had several families of what I’ve always called mud swallows that have taken up space on my back porch. They most likely have an official name and I’ve Googled it, but the ones shown are so much more colorful than my little feathered friends.

I may use the word “friends” loosely.

These birds are MESSY! Not only do they adhere mud in the corners of my patio ceilings, they also are not very mindful about their personal hygiene if you get my gist.

They also chirp/squawk at me if I go outside and dare to walk near their nests.

Sigh. The nests. I seriously think these guys lay eggs almost every month and the little ones chirp and open their mouths wide when the adult birds swoop in with their next meal.

And then it happens. The little ones get larger and become fledglings and leave their nest.

Watching these birds the past few weeks reminded me of when my own children left the nest.

Before, they pretty much waited until I provided their meals. And while I may not have scooted them out of their safe haven, I did encourage them to go to college to pursue their new life.

I’ve seen many posts of parents on Facebook moving their offspring into college dorms and apartments this week.

I want to let you know … you will be okay. They will be okay. Sure, you may have to learn how to converse to your spouse differently if your last one has flown the coop, and you will definitely have to adjust your recipes (too much spaghetti??) but after it all settles, you will actually enjoy it.

The way I see it, just like my patio roomies are messy and I can’t wait for them to leave so I can enjoy the clean space. I will have to admit that I do miss the messy rooms and the stream of friends that used to come through the front door when my kids were still at home. You will survive and enjoy them even more when they come back home to visit.

Now about these swallows…

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