Electronic voting drive prompts re-tally of March Primary

A re-count of the Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Republican Primary race between Debra Ann Herrera and Michael Pascarella revealed 73 votes had not been counted during the March Primary election.

In that race Herrera had received 141 votes and Pascarella had received 144. The three-vote difference prompted Herrera to ask for a re-count. After the recount, Herrera picked up 33 votes and Pascarella received 40 more votes. The disparity alerted the officials and those sitting in that something was definitely off.

It was discovered that a MBB drive from one of the electronic voting machines used in early voting had not been downloaded in the March 4 tallying of votes.

On Tuesday morning, the Election Administrator’s office re-tallied the votes. 558 votes were added to the various candidates. Of this number, 453 votes were for the Republican candidates and 105 were for the Democratic candidates.

The outcome did not change the results in any race.

The Atascosa County Commissioners will be meeting on Friday morning to discuss the situation and a re-count may happen.

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