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Update on Nerdy Thirty



I’ve been fortunate enough to be making some progress on my list of things to do while I’m thirty. I still have a ways to go, but it feels good to cross a few off the list.

1. More roller coasters: While at Disney World I rode lots of rides. Unfortunately, most of them were rides for toddlers lol. Hey, when you go with 5 kids, 3 of which are 4 years and under there isn’t a whole lot of chance of getting on the big bad roller coasters. The most thrilling ride I got on was Goofy’s Barnstorm. However it is indeed still a roller coaster.

16. Watch sun set in a different time zone: Since we were in Florida I was able to see the sun set behind the fabulous castle of Magic Kingdom 😀

17. Play in the rain with the kids: We were fortunate enough to get out of Florida before all of the rain from Debby came, but we were able to run through the rain and laugh. We were all soaked, but what better place to spend a rainy afternoon than at Walt Disney World.

20. Sew something useful: In the Disney spirit, I made a very simple toiletry case from a wash cloth. I made one for everyone going on the trip each one had a matching Disney themed ribbon tied to them. (I know, I’m a nerd.) The kids loved them!

21. Keep my kitchen clean for longer than a day (then again maybe not): If this counts, my kitchen was completely clean for the week we were on vacation. 😀

We are planning a trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area so maybe I’ll have time to go to the zoo and knock another one off my list. Wish me luck!!

1. More roller coasters
2. Perfect pushup
3. Dance more
4. The End
5. Spar
6. Get wild
7. Camp out
8. Girls weekend
9. Garden
11. Bake it
12. Walk it out
13. Buy a bike and use it
14. Get cookin’
15. Soak it up
16. Watch sun set in a different time zone
17. Play in the rain with the kids
18. Weekend getaway with my husband
19. Start a rubber band gun war in the office (Shhh don’t tell anyone 😉
20. Sew something useful
21. Keep my kitchen clean for longer than a day (then again maybe not)
22. Go to the shooting range with my husband
23. Watch more movies in the theater
24. Play dominoes with my grandpa
25. Unplug at least one day a month (no electronics whatsoever)
26. Put batteries in my Maglight flashlight
27. Make arroz con pollo
28. Kiss my children more
29. Start a slow clap with Rambling Robbie
30. Live through the zombie apocalypse

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Meeting Mickey Mouse

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