Early voting underway for Texas Primaries

After two days of early voting, an even 300 Atascosa Countians have turned out to vote in the much delayed Texas Primary elections.

Early voting will continue through May 25 at the Atascosa County Election Administrator’s office, located in the Atascosa County Annex, 914 N. Main Street, Suite 115, Jourdanton. Hours will be 8a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. The last day to apply for a ballot by mail is Tuesday, May 22 (received NOT postmarked).

While most are concerned with the local contested races for County Sheriff and constables, this is your chance to also cast your vote for President, Senator, U.S. Representative, Railroad Commissioner, State Representative, judges and justices as well as several propositions.


Atascosa County Sheriff Johnny Vermaercke Salazar David Soward

Atascosa County Tax Assessor-Collector Loretta Holley

Pct. 1 Atascosa County Commissioner Lon “Lonnie” Gillespie

Pct. 1 Atascosa County Constable

Adam MacKinley

Pct. 2 Atascosa County Constable Jose “Martin” Perez Edward “Ed” Richter

Pct. 4 Atascosa County Constable William “Bill” Meadows Rex Newman, Jr.

Atascosa County Chair Texas Moore


District Attorney – 81st Judicial District Rene M. Pena

Atascosa County Attorney Lucinda A. Vickers

Atascosa County Sheriff Eliseo Perez

Pct. 1 Atascosa County Commissioner David Caballero

Pct. 3 Atascosa County Commissioner Freddie Ogden

Pct. 1 Atascosa County Constable Perciliano “Percy” Medina

Pct. 2 Atascosa County Constable Tony Saucedo

Pct.3 Atascosa County Constable Rick Luna

Atascosa County Chair Rosa R. Elkins

Propositions There are also several propositions being considered.

Democrat Proposition 1 Any graduate of a Texas high school, who has lived in the state for at least three years and lived here continuously for the last year, should be eligible for in-state tuition at state supported colleges and universities and given the opportunity to earn legal status through a higher education or military service. For or Against

Proposition 2 “Because a college education is increasingly necessary for jobs that allow our citizens to achieve middle class lifestyles and become the entrepreneurs who create the jobs that our economy relies on, we call on the Texas Legislature to fund colleges and universities such that tuition and fees can be affordable to all Texans.” For or Against

Proposition 3

Should the Texas Legislature allow the people of Texas to vote to legalize casino gambling with all funds generated being used only for education?

For or Against Republican SCHOOL CHOICE:

The state should fund education by allowing dollars to follow the child instead of the bureaucracy, through a program which allows parents the freedom to choose their child’s school, public or private, while also saving significant taxpayer dollars. Yes or No. REPEALING OBAMACARE:

Congress should immediately repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) and reject the rationing of healthcare by government or the intrusion by government into the doctor – patient relationship. Yes or No.

PUBLIC PRAYER Government should be prohibited from restricting the content of public prayer. Yes or No.

BALANCED BUDGET / COMBINING GOVERNMENT GROWTH Out of control spending should be stopped at all levels of federal and state government through constitutional amendments limiting any increase in government spending to the combined increase of population and inflation without voter approval. Yes or No.


The Texas Legislature should redraw the courtimposed lines for Congress and State legislative districts in its upcoming session in order to remedy inequities. Yes or no.

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