Eagles Continue to Shine…



If it wasn’t for the Pleasanton Eagles it would have been a lousy week sportswise for this old sports writer.

First, the Poteet Aggies finally went down fighting at the hands of Vanderbilt Industrial. But not by much. The final score was 14-13 after the Aggies missed a 44-yard field goal in the fourth quarter that would have won it for them.

Then the Texas Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys played a couple of bummers that left most of us with nothing to cheer about over the weekend. It’s the first time in a good while that I didn’t stay glued to my television set as long as I usually do.

But I gotta say that the current edition of Eagle gridders may not be the best team the school has ever had, but they might be the best at refusing to lose a close game. For example, when Eagle quarterback Sean Ramos was in the grasp of a Beeville defender early in the third period Thursday night, he found a way to escape and rambled 61 yards for a score that left all of us bewildered. How he was able to break the tackle, and zig-zag his way to the end zone, was one of the best high school plays I’ve ever seen. I was surprised that the officials didn’t blow the play dead when it looked like he was stopped.

For the last two weeks, the Eagles have left most of us who witnessed their victories over Lampasas and Beeville, gasping for air at the end. When the Trojan kicker missed that 33-yard field goal that would have won the game for them in the closing seconds Thursday night, it left most of the fans sitting close to me in the stands, limp in their seats. One lady, sitting behind me in the stands said, “These games are getting too nerve-wracking.”

Whether the Eagles’ scores are close or not, a win is a win. Don’t be surprised if Friday’s game with Fredericksburg is another nail-biter.

Normally, a team that beats Calallen has to be good. But my sources here say that the Eagles can win this game also. They’ll play this one Friday night at Farris Stadium in San Antonio.

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