Eagles’ kindness reaches Longview

Every now and then the Pleasanton Express features an act of kindness that takes place in our community. Recently, a special act of kindness extended beyond our local community all the way to Longview, TX. Chad Parr, 31, was the recipient of a special surprise from the Pleasanton Eagles football team.

“He’s always been a fan of sports,” said Parr’s sister, Lacie King. “Especially with our high school that we went to in Longview. He’s been a part of that team basically ever since he started going to school.”

Parr has always been a loyal sports fan, especially to the Spring Hill ISD Panthers where he and his sister attended school. Parr has been included as a part of all Spring Hill ISD sports teams and usually joins the players on the sidelines and dugout during games. When King and her family moved to Pleasanton four years ago, his interest in the Pleasanton Eagles peaked.  

“When we moved here he started getting into Pleasanton and wanting to know about them and how the football team was. He looks them up online all the time, and on Friday when they’re playing he wants pretty much a play-by-play update. So, we pretty much do that for him on Friday nights,” said King.

Parr had been asking for Pleasanton Eagle game swag and King thought of the perfect idea to surprise her brother, however, she wasn’t sure it would be possible. King reached out to her friend, Brandi Kubish, who then contacted Coach Tab Dumont. Dumont had the football team sign a jersey for Parr, but that wasn’t the only surprise that was in store for him. Corey and Debbie Castillo of the Pleasanton Eagles Booster Club contacted King to let her know they, too, would be getting a few Eagle items for her brother. King mailed out those items a few days later and when Parr received his box with surprises he was thrilled and excited.

“Basically, because they said anyone who helps support Pleasanton, we’re going to show them our appreciation of their support, too,” said King. “There’s some pretty great people here. A lot of them went above and beyond and got all of those extras for him and it was really great to see that come together for him.”

Parr in turn sent a thank you card to the school and football team and has been enjoying sporting his Eagle gear in Longview. 

“Thank you so much for being willing to come together like this for someone you don’t even know. All I did was just ask a simple question and just from the word go, it was done and they were going to make it happen no matter what. I’d like to thank Coach Tab Dumont, Brandi Kubish, Corey and Debbie Castillo. Thank you so much for bringing this together and thank you to the football team for taking the time out to do that.

We want people to know the good in our community reaches out and far beyond Atascosa County. We’d like to encourage our readers to continue performing acts of kindness and remember “Kindness is Key.” 

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