Dying order vs. Showing order

The Way I See It



Last week in my column I mentioned my mom would have us leave our house in “dying order” before we left on vacation. I started thinking about it and I know what is worse than doing that – leaving your house in SHOWING order.

I put my home on the market last August. Yes, I know that is not the best time to try and sell a home, but I need to downsize and move a bit closer to my new job – even though I currently work from home.

Showing order and dying order are WAY different. If something happens to you when you meet your demise while traveling, most likely only family members will see your home. If you have items on your countertops, stacks of papers on your table, shoes next to the couch and clothes draped on your chair, your family members won’t judge you for it. When you have your home on the market, all of that stuff needs to be put away. Pillows are fluffed, window blinds are opened and “staging” is important.

I don’t always succeed at this. My office is not the tidiest place and I really hope potential buyers don’t look inside my fridge (though it is probably the emptiest it has been in years and it’s still not empty). There have been a few times when I left for a meeting in the evening and a last minute showing was requested. Apologies are always offered and I hoped they were understanding.

Soon after I listed my home and was looking at the photos of my house that were uploaded, I would also look at other homes that were for sale on the IH35 corridor on a popular realty site that starts with a “z”.

Y’all … thankfully these are not local houses that I was viewing, but I really wonder how or why some of these are even for sale. They should have stuck with exterior shots until they had time to clean and stage. I think I saw one of these homes on hoarders. I’m not even kidding.

The way I see it, I hope if you are having to leave your home in showing order that it is not too difficult to maintain. I can’t even imagine doing this with kids still living at home. Also, (inserting a plug here) if you’re in the market for a great home in a friendly neighborhood, call my realtor Donna Blue at Dowdy Real Estate or any realtor listed in the pages of the Pleasanton Express!

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at psuebrown@gmail.com.

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