Dr. Mann’s superintendent contract extended to 2019

At the regular meeting of the Pleasanton ISD board on March 8, Joeris and LPA District Architect gave updates to the construction ongoing.

LPA representative said that the documents have been delivered to the city for plan review and issuance of building permits and they have had those documents almost a month.

The second round of asbestos abatement is completed. She also showed several alternative plans, which would cost around $16 million if all were instituted. Joeris reported that they had a good turnout for their bid package #2.

Renovation is on schedule and the Ag building is 90% complete. The final chip seal on the road should be finished on April 4.

Renee Cadena presented the IMA/TEKS instructional materials allotment and TEKS certification for 2016-2017. This is something that has to be done every year. It is a guarantee that the district will only spend that money on things allowed for the current school year and 100% of TEKS is covered.

Safe Schools

As part of the Safe Schools initiative, Tim Carpenter, head of the maintenance department explained some of the duties his department has. So far this year, they have had 734 requests to help at school events, which include setup and teardown. The department has seven maintenance workers, six grounds crew, one warehouseman and one secretary. This group has closed 2,187 work orders and has 48 in progress. There are 623,049 square feet of school buildings that have to be cleaned by 32 custodians.

Fun Facts

Some interesting statistics for the year: 272 gallons of hand soap were used; 9,684 rolls of toilet paper used and 109,250 trash can liners were also used.

An outside company handles pest control on a structured schedule handed down by the Texas Department of Agriculture, but they maintain the areas along the fences. Online staff training is provided, along with mandatory fire extinguisher handling, blood borne pathogen exposure prevention, child abuse and FERPA, privacy of records.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved unanimously with Pete Pawelek, Edward Zamarippa, Blasa Chapa, Jamie Downs and Pat Cox voting. Joseph Warnken was not present. President Frank Tudyk, Jr. presided over the meeting.


The IMA/TEKS allotment was approved, as was the 2016-17 district calendar. A budget amendment of $6,000 was approved for purchasing of four to seven desks for instructors and counselors.

Mann Contract

The board retired into executive session at 8:30 p.m. to discuss Superintendent Dr. Matthew Mann’s contract and probationary contracts of the administrative team. Upon returning at 9:57 p.m., they voted to extend Mann’s contract for two years, putting it to end on January 31, 2019. The administrative team contracts were approved as recommended by Mann. Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

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