Downtown merchants moving towards Main Street designation

Ann and Gilbert Salas, Board Members of the Downtown Pleasanton Merchants Association (DPMA) spoke with Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen’s Administrative Director Reid Koenig and Grant Coordinator Rebecca Donachie on December 9, 2013.

Gilbert Salas made the announcement at the January 16, 2014 Pleasanton Economic Development Corporation Quarterly meeting. Salas says that PDMA must apply for a local government certification with the Texas Historical Commission, and that certification would allow them to apply for the Texas Capital Fund (TCF) Downtown Revitalization Program (DRP), which in turn draws money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Those funds could be used for infrastructure improvements, land acquisition, sewer line construction, traffic signals, handicapped access public parking lot construction projects and other items that would keep Pleasanton’s downtown area from having blight conditions.

A point based system influences the DRP application, which is due July 2014. Based on a 100 point scale, a community gains points based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to public support, minority hiring, main street standing, community size and poverty level. According to the TCF DRP application, “Applications will be reviewed for feasibility in descending order based on the scoring criteria.”

The TCF DRP is a 50/50 matching grant, and in this case means that the city must raise as much money as it is asking for. Minimum award is $50,000, maximum is $150,000

“If we were to get this, we could provide Pleasanton with a nationally recognized Main Street Association. This would open the doors for anybody to get funds to utilize to keep our city moving forward.” Salas summarized.

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