Dominoes are falling

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As one goes, so, too, goes the rest.

Last week saw a mass exodus of voluntary workouts. In the Pleasanton

Express coverage area, five of the six schools (Pleasanton, Jourdanton, Poteet, Charlotte and Lytle) had halted their summer strength and conditioning programs by Friday. Across the state, hundreds of districts stopped their workouts as coronavirus cases continued to climb across Texas. Many of them made the announcements with hope to resume on July 13.

On Monday, Poteet ISD announced that move was permanent for them through July, with Superintendent Charles Camarillo saying the district will “use the month of July to plan for whatever type of school we will have in the fall.” As near as I could tell, that was the second domino to fall after Class 6A La Porte, in the Houston area, announced a fullon shut down of their workouts.

It’s not promising to the future of fall sports in the Lone Star State. Schools cannot, in good conscience, send kids out onto fields and courts unprepared for the rigors of their sports.

In my opinion, the outlook for fall sports is rather bleak.

We’re going to see this. We are going to see schools try to navigate uncharted waters like we all are right now. In the end, they are looking out for the safety of their kids first and foremost. And the communities should support their local school districts during these times because, well, none of us know how to handle this pandemic. And herd immunity is not a viable option.

So, what does that mean for the future of fall sports?

Well, nobody knows for sure.

This pandemic has created a flood of information. Each day brings new information about the novel coronavirus.

As the UIL continues to explore possible avenues for fall 2020, new information can help or hinder those possibilities.

Case and point: the uptick in cases in Texas. Most of the new cases were from people in my demographic, ages 20-39.

While what we know about the virus suggests that those of us in that category will likely be ok, upticks in that demographic have not been seen stateside during this pandemic. It shows that us young people are just as susceptible to it.

Rumors have floated around about delaying the fall season by a month or so to allow teams a chance to prepare after having summer workouts close up shop. That’s just a rumor at this point and nothing concrete to hang our hats on.

But, no matter what, we will get through this.

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