Dog Days are here

The Way I See It

I heard the weatherman say that it was the Dog Days of summer.

It piqued my interest to know when it actually happens.

According to the The Old Farmer’s Almanac (, the dog days begin on July 3 and last 40 days.

Yep. Those are some very hot days indeed.

On Monday, I felt like I was melting into the cement. I have no idea what the temperature was at that point, because I avoid looking for it – I already know that it is hot!

I was surprised that it wasn’t just about dogs being hot. It is about the constellation Sirius or Dog Star when it appears in the sky.

But, in all actuality, it IS pretty hot for the pups and all pets during the summer months.

Remember to keep plenty of water for you pets and to have some shade if they are not spoiled like mine and have the air conditioned comforts of home.

Also, if you walk your pets, avoid the hottest portion of the day. Their paws are susceptible to getting burned.

I have vivid memories of trying to cross the hot asphalt barefoot when I was visiting my grandmother over summers as a kid. I just thought South Texas sand was hot!

And, it goes without saying, don’t ever leave anything living in a vehicle – I have seen too many news items on heat related deaths.

The way I see it, sure, it’s hot and it will most likely get hotter before it cools down.

Be sure to hydrate and dress appropriately. Oh …  and chill – both mentally and literally.

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