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Rebecca Raves



I t’s that time of the year again. You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve heard it countless times; by now you’re likely sick and tired of it already. Just a mere five months ago we were preaching to you about how important it is to get out to vote in the General Election. Well, it’s time to preach to you about it again.

The race is on for mayor, city council and school board positions in Pleasanton and Poteet. Early Voting is April 19-27 with Election Day on May 1. As always, the Pleasanton Express will be publishing a Voters’ Information Guide that showcases all candidates in the race for office. This will be published in next week’s April 14 issue.

The goal of the Voters’ Info Guide is to help you, the voter, learn about the qualifications, plans and positions of each candidate. This year, we did things a little differently. Rather than request candidates to simply submit a 150-word bio of themselves, we challenged each candidate to really think about their race for office. We sent each candidate a set of questions specific to their positions: mayor, city councilmember or school board trustee. Our hope with this new and improved Voters’ Info Guide is that you will be able to truly evaluate each candidate based on their answers.

Now, I want you to pay attention to what I am about to say. I have three pieces of advice for you when it comes to voting for these important local positions. The first: Look at the Voters’ Info Guide very carefully in next week’s issue. Who is in it? Who took the time to submit their answers? More importantly, what did they have to say? Who you vote for will determine who leads YOUR city and YOUR school.

The second: If you think that your favorite candidate is popular enough to win without your vote, you’re wrong. In the last school board election, one of the most beloved and popular trustees received a mere 5 or so votes. Do NOT count on others to vote for your candidate, even if you think the odds are in their favor.

My final piece of advice: Pay attention to how each candidate presents themselves in general, not just in office. What are they like as a person? Are they bashing other candidates? How much do they know about the current state of office they are running for? You want to vote for a candidate who is not only going to get the job done, but who also treats others with respect when they are not “working.”

I have faith that you will be smart and take the time to truly study the candidates running for office in the coming weeks. Please don’t disappoint me Atascosa County. Do your homework and get out and vote.

REBECCA PESQUEDA is the News Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at

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