District Attorney’s Office: 2017 a Year in ReviewFree Access


81st Judicial District Attorney

2017 was an extremely productive and record-breaking year for the District Attorney’s Office.  Atascosa County had a record 630 indictments – almost twice the annual average.

Wilson County had a record 303 indictments, and Frio County had 191 indictments, the most in both counties since at least 2005.

Karnes County had 120 indictments, the most since 2009; and La Salle had 96, which was about average for the least populated county in the district.

We are extremely grateful to the grand juries, judges, court staff, and district clerks’ offices that worked tirelessly in conjunction with the district attorney’s office to get through the backlog of cases.  Everyone in the courthouse has been impacted, and we’ve all worked hard to make the influx of cases as smooth as possible.

Atascosa County was in the worst shape of all 5 counties, but that backlog has been eliminated.   We will continue to hold grand jury every month in all five counties to ensure cases are brought before grand jury in a timely manner.

I’m extremely pleased with the work of our team this first year.  Even though we exceeded our goals, there is much more to do.  In 2018, we hope to bring justice, peace, and closure to families whose cases have lingered in the court system.  We will be streamlining our office with a new case management system that allows more efficient and effective use of staff and attorneys’ time, allowing attorneys to spend more time fighting for justice in the courtroom.  We look forward to a productive 2018.

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