Diez y Seis Queen candidates

Aubrianna Carver Aubrianna Carver is 7-years-old and entering the 3rd grade at McMullen County Elementary School. Aubrianna was born in Jourdanton and is the daughter of Eric and Melissa Carver. Eric is the son of Susan and James Polasek and Brian Carver, and grandson to Floyd and Patsy Wilkens, Jimmy and Marie Polasek. Melissa is the daughter of Sally Casas, and granddaughter to Manuel and Betalia Casas, and Anteliano and Angelita Sanchez. Aubrianna’s great-great-great aunt Juanita Segura founded the Guadalupanas at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Pleasanton and served as president for over 20 years. Aubrianna lived in Killeen while her father served in the Unites States Army and attended St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Killeen. When Aubrianna and her family moved back to Jourdanton, Aubrianna attended St. Andrew’s church for a few years before her family moved to Tilden. She now attends St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Aubrianna has served as an altar server since she was in the first grade. She loves art, swimming, family time, and God. Aubrianna is running for the 2017–2018 Diez y Síes de Septiembre Queen and looks forward to seeing you at her fundraising events.


Marina Elizabeth Gene George Marina Elizabeth Gene George is a happy and loving 6-year-old. She resides in the Verdi/Pleasanton area with her mother, Elizabeth Martinez and her two brothers, James and Eugenio. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Martinez and James George. Marina is the granddaughter of Eugene Martinez and the late Yolanda Martinez of the Verdi/Pleasanton area and the great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Huizar of the Verdi/Pleasanton area and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James George. Marina is a very energetic little girl that loves to be outside. She is a true animal lover and loves to take care of her puppy and her horses. She attends the New Wine Church Private School in Poteet and will be entering the first grade this year. She loves to learn and read. She is involved in the Martinez family farm where she helps pick and sell produce with her mom at the Pearl Farmer’s Market in San Antonio. Marina loves greeting all the friendly faces, and is always smiling. She has beautiful curly hair that brings out her personality. She loves to laugh and smile. She really enjoys playing out on her family’s farm. Marina has a great love for singing and loves to sing Tejano music. She recently won her school’s talent show singing a Tejano song in May. Marina is always full of joy and happy to greet you. Marina is running for the Diez y Seis Queen at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church. She would love your support. She will be raising money throughout the event. She will have events to raise money and accept donations. She will greatly appreciate your support on running for Queen. She is extremely excited and is grateful for the opportunity to run for Queen.


Samantha Elizabeth Shows Samantha Elizabeth Shows is running as one of the queen contestants for Diez y Seis de Septiembre, sponsored by the Guadalupanas and Guadalupanos of St. Andrew Catholic Church. Samantha turned 6-years-old on Saturday, July 8 and will be in the first grade this year. She is the youngest of three with older sister McKenzie and brother, Ben. Samantha enjoys riding her bike, now happily without training wheels, drawing pictures and writing on every scrap of paper she can find. But mostly, Samantha’s favorite thing to do is helping others. She comes by this gift honestly as she has had role models in her life that do just that. Her mom, Christina Rotz-Shows, substitutes at Pleasanton ISD and teaches Confirmation at St. Andrew’s. Sami’s maternal grandmother, DeeDee Rotz, is a retired Catholic school teacher and her paternal grandmother, Debbie Shows, is Director of Religious Education at St. Andrew. Samantha’s father, Scott Shows, grandfathers Mark Shows and John Rotz (deceased) have all been active Knights of Columbus. Samantha’s great-grandmother, Beatrice Hux, is still putting forth the helping spirit that she instilled in her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. Samantha has already begun her work in the church by assisting Ms. Rosie Lozano after Masses. The tradition of helping and service definitely continues.



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