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I’ve followed the Pleasanton Express since the 1970s (now that’s scary), watching them grow and expand in so many ways. And now they are going to take this huge step into the great digital divide!

These silly editors have asked me to follow them on this new adventure. While I’m very honored to be invited and excited to be a part of making history, I’m also a little leery. But with your help, we’ll make this library blog the best on the web.

This will be very different from my sometimes regular column for the paper. Here, we will talk books, books, books. Books of every kind. There will be reviews, suggestions, an online book club (if we can get enough interested!) and lists of interesting bibliophile websites!

But I want to hear from you—this is your blog as much as it is mine, so send your book ideas, your favorite reads (new and old) and anything else book-ish you want to discuss.

Let’s follow that yellow brick road to the wonderful world of books and see what’s hiding just behind that curtain! This will be an exciting journey for all of us.

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