December 25th is fast approaching



While I, like many, dub this “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, it seems that the span of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas gets shorter and shorter. Perhaps that’s a side effect of growing up.

For me, I am fortunate that I can usually spend these important holidays with my loved ones. Unless the phone rings with an immediate crisis, I will be drinking coffee and watching my kids open gifts before we sit around a table and stuff ourselves to the point of bursting. Christmas is a crazy yet fun day in my house.

There are however some in our community who won’t be around the tree on Christmas morning this year. They will be in the halls of a hospital tending to the sick and making sure they are cared for.

They will be in the back of an ambulance performing CPR so that someone can make it to see one more holiday season.

They will be on a fire truck going to save a home from going up in flames or to rescue someone from a serious traffic accident.

A few will be in fatigues, waking up in a strange land far from their family, but ready to donate one more day to their nation as they stand watch guarding us from threats in every corner of the globe.

And some will be in a police car, doing their best to keep their city or county safe for everyone that is celebrating.

These men and women have volunteered to be away from family and friends on holidays to help keep the fabric of our society from coming unraveled.

But the above listed ladies and gentlemen are not the only ones who give back during the holiday season. We are blessed to have some amazing organizations right here in Atascosa County that do incredible work this time of year. Our Atascosa

Family Crisis Center is busy making sure victims of violence are safe and enjoying their Christmas by providing a safe environment to regroup.

The Atascosa County Christmas Elf Project Target is underway…

In Poteet they are collecting and distributing blankets and other items to help families stay warm.

In Jourdanton our VFW has Toys for Tots and the American Legion members have started the Sgt. Santa program who along with those in Pleasanton PD’s Blue Santa Program are working to see that kids have toys under the tree.

And our local Angel Trees are up and ready to make the season brighter for area youth.

Our area churches are having concerts as well as cooking dinners and distributing clothes to our friends who have had a rough 2015.

This list could go on and on for many pages, but I hope I have adequately made my point that here in Atascosa County we have no shortage of amazing folks who do not hesitate to lift up their neighbors and ensure that this month will be a wonderful time of celebration and family.

While Christ is the reason for the season, those who donate their time and financial resources are the ground team and YOU are the conduit that he uses to get things done.

From me and my family, as well as from those of us at the Jourdanton Police Department, thank you for making South Texas a great place to celebrate and reflect on how fortunate we really are. Have a great Christmas and a happy and safe New Year!

Until next time, Chief Eric Kaiser

ERIC KAISER is the Chief of Police for the Jourdanton, Texas Police Department and a Master Texas Peace Officer.

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