Curbside is the diggity bomb!

The Way I See It



I just picked up my first curbside order at H-E-B. It was so easy, too! I placed the order Sunday evening and there it was – ready to be loaded in my vehicle the next morning.

I don’t mind shopping for my groceries most days. It’s a way I get to see friends (yes, I can be one of THOSE people in the aisle visiting.) But, y’all, this was so nice. I’m heading up to visit friends in Oklahoma City and they love H-E-B’s fizzy water. How nice was it for them to load it in my vehicle? Sooooo nice!

If you think about it – by the time we get everything in the pantry or fridge, we have handled those items 4-5 times! It is well worth the nominal fee for this convenience.

This new service reminds me of our old store – the Hi-Way Grocery. It was located where Rocking B Tile is now across from City Hall.

We had customers who would call their orders in. I guess you can say that I was their personal shopper. I would take the grocery cart, shop and mark off the items, bring them to our counter and add it all up on one of those old adding machines – the ones where you had to punch in every number on several rows of keys. Then you would bring the lever down to print on the tape. We would then box and bag it all up, place the cold items in the coolers and wait for them to pick it up. When the area ranchers would call, the order would sometimes fill two grocery carts. And, get this, we actually charged groceries to our customers .

We also delivered groceries. One of our dear friends and customer, Joan Roane, loves to share the story of my brother, Kelly, delivering her groceries. He would go inside her home (unlocked), put the items in her pantry and fridge, help himself to her sweet tea and sometimes her cigarettes!

The way I see it, we seem to be returning to the old days of going that extra mile to give great customer service or as they say it now – great customer experience. I keep hearing the tune “Everything Old is New Again.”

Thank you H-E-B for taking it to the next level once again. I will definitely use it again!

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at

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