Crime spree hits Pleasanton

Over the past three weeks, car burglaries have been on the rise in Pleasanton. While Pleasanton police are working hard to find the persons responsible, they are also calling on citizens to be responsible and lock their cars.

Car Burglaries- According to Pleasanton Assistant Police Chief John Eric Rutherford, 14 unlocked vehicles were burglarized between March 10-March 26.

“We are asking residents of the City of Pleasanton to please keep their eyes open. Look for suspicious activity in your neighborhood and do not hesitate to call us,” stated Rutherford. Nine vehicles were burglarized on the west side of Pleasanton. Most recently, valuables were stolen from unlocked cars at the RV Park on Humble Camp Road near the Industrial Park.

Chief Gary Soward has a simple message to the citizens of Pleasanton, which would help prevent these type of crimes. “Please lock your vehicles, hide your keys and do not leave valuables visible,” Soward stated.

The police also encouraged residents to not leave items in pick-up beds and to always lock toolboxes on your trucks.

Stolen Vehicles

Unlocked cars created even more serious theft offenses when two vehicles were stolen from Pleasanton last week. The first was stolen March 20 on Fechner Street. The second vehicle was stolen March 22 on Sutton Street. Both cars were recovered in San Antonio. Pleasanton PD estimates that about 11 vehicles have been stolen since January.

Burglary of a building

Ray Samson Tax Office was burglarized on March 12 on Water Street in Pleasanton. A computer monitor, a printer, a power supply and a cell phone charger were among the items allegedly stolen

According to the business owner, Samson said it appeared the individual(s) broke in through a small glass window. His office was broken into a month and a half ago, but nothing was stolen

Martin Perez, 17, of Pleasanton was arrested for the burglary of the Samson Tax Office and a burglary of a vehicle. According to Pleasanton

PD, they have a warrant out and expect to pick up a second suspect who is a juvenile sometime this week.

Traffic resulting in numerous accidents

With the oil boom taking over South Texas, traffic has been at an all time high in the City of Pleasanton. According to the Pleasanton Police Department they are averaging 4-6 wrecks a day.

“We have been lucky that the majority of these accidents are not major,” stated Rutherford.

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