Crime in Charlotte

Intruder subdued by Hindes

A bizarre home invasion was thwarted by Clint Hindes last Friday afternoon in Charlotte.

Sotero Garza Jr, 49, of Charlotte, ended up in the living room area next to Charlotte rancher Bob Hindes and his caretaker around 1:30 p.m.

Clint Hindes, grandson of Hindes, and his employees came across a suspicious man a few minutes earlier. His employee had seen a man along the side of the road near a ditch.

When they drove by to check on him, the man was no longer there.

Asking some ladies nearby, they pointed down the street to the Hindes office on Corlena Avenue.

“We didn’t see him at first. Then when we saw him laying on the porch, he got up on his hands and knees and went through the window head first,” said Clint.

Clint then grabbed his pistol, and by the time they made it inside, Garza was laying on the floor, hiding in the pantry area.

“He was shaking and looked like he was under the influence of something,” said Clint.

“Don’t get up,” said Clint while pointing the gun at the intruder. Hindes was unable to determine if the man was armed at that time.

Shortly after, Constable Rick Luna showed up followed closely by the Atascosa County Sheriff’s office.

Deputy Sheriff Tzu Chia arrested Garza and was assisted by Sergeant Deputy Joe Sauceda.

Garza was transported by EMS to South Texas Regional Medical Center with cuts he received from the broken glass.

Sergeant Investigator Robert Newman has obtained a warrant for Garza for Criminal Trespass of a Habitation. Sergeant Newman was also assisted by Captain Investigator Matt Miller and Sergeant Investigators Joseph Manguso and Jesse Martinez.

According to Sheriff David Soward, Garza’s girlfriend told the investigating officers that Garza had allegedly used a large amount of cocaine prior to the incident.

The elder Hindes, was safely moved by his caregiver during most of the fracas.

“I have never pulled a gun on anybody in my life, and I don’t want to do it again if I can help it,” said Hindes.

He then continued, “I am so grateful how fast Constable Luna and the Sheriff’s Department showed up.”

“It was a good thing Hindes was nearby and took immediate action to apprehend the suspect before anything else could happen,” said Sheriff Soward.

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