Creating an abundant life–Vitality



We’ve been talking about creating an abundant life, but what IS an abundant life and what do you need to achieve one?

Abundance is an adjective defined as plentiful, copious, rich, bountiful and inexhaustible. Sounds good, doesn’t it? A life filled with plenty, rich and bountiful. Count me in.

In order to create an abundant life, you must have energy and vitality. It’s hard to create anything when all you have in abundance is fatigue, right? So, how do we create energy and vitality?

We can start with the same old-same old. Eat better, sleep better, get off your hindquarters and move. I think we need to dig deeper, though and discover what works best for each of us as an individual.

Have you given any thought to when you are most creative? I’m a night owl. I hate mornings. My family knows in the morning the best thing to do is put crispy bacon on a long fork and tentatively shove it in my direction. Then back off and run. I become human around noon and my creative juices flow best between midnight and three in the morning. I get my best sleep from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. but that’s just me. The key is to know what works best for you.

If your best hours of the day are the first couple, maybe go to bed a little earlier so you can get up earlier and cash in on this creative time. Make sure you use those hours to create, not answer email or check social media. Don’t waste that time on knocking out simple tasks, doing housework, or running errands. Lock that time down as your time to create—and use it to make something. Everything else can wait until your creativity isn’t at its peak.

Remember, energy and creative vitality result from choices. If you get in the habit of weighing everything by the standard of will this make me feel weaker or stronger, you might find yourself not only living a creatively abundant life, but a much more exciting, much healthier and much happier life in every way.

Until then, remember 15 minutes a day to create and a weekly artist’s date. Together, we can create a beautiful world.

GLENDA THOMPSON, a columnist for the Pleasanton Express and is currently writing a series on finding your hidden talents. Glenda resides in Charlotte where she is hard at work on the second novel in a series about Texas Rangers with dark secrets. Her first novel, Broken Toys, is now available on Amazon.

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